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Noviembre 27, 2009 a las 16:18 pm

Star of Hope

They came to pray, on Christmas Day
When, the Christ Child was born
They came to see, Virgin Mary
Bear hope for the forlorn.

Some from afar, followed that star
Though why, they were not sure
At great expense, brought frankincense
And gifts of spice and myrrh.

They gathered ’round, as if spellbound
Their eyes lit by the glow
For, from the bed, o’er Jesus’ head
There was a bright halo.

That Child did things, to poor and kings
With the gaze of His eye
He gave some hope, helped others cope
And some, He made them cry.

Down on their knees, they said, “Lord, please
Stop pain and suffering.
Make all on Earth, of the same worth
With the joy, that you can bring.”

“Please teach of love, from God above
Shared, by each fellow man.
Show us the way, what we must say
To fit, the Heavenly plan.”

He tried for years, to end mans’ fears
Brought miracles each day
He taught His word, (not always heard)
And for our souls, He’d pray.

But, it seems greed, had sown its’ seed
For some, ’twas much too late.
And though He cared and, always shared
The Cross had sealed His fate.

Now, all mankind, for being blind
Must someday, pass the test.
But, if lived right, both day and night
Mans’ future could be blessed.

So Christmas Day, take time to pray
To bow your head and see
That God above, will send His love
For all eternity.

Autor: Del “Abe” Jones


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